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Volunteer Driver Application

For volunteer drivers only. To apply for a paid driver position, please visit our Careers page.

Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

Current Driver's License
Do you have license restrictions?*
Do you have physical impairments?*
Driving Experience
Do you have experience driving vehicles larger than a standard passenger vehicle?*
Has your driver's license ever been suspended or revoked?*
Have you ever had any traffic violations or convictions?*
Have you ever been involved in any accidents?*

I am in good physical and mental health to safely operate a motor vehicle for the purpose of transporting Ride Connection customers. If my physical or mental health changes I will immediately inform my program manager. If I am taking any medication, now or in the future, I will check with my pharmacist about the advisability of driving, and inform my program manager when appropriate.

The statements made and information given in this application are true. Ride Connection has my permission to obtain a motor vehicle and criminal background check. I understand that Ride Connection will monitor my motor vehicle record during my time as a Ride Connection approved driver.