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Customer Service Specialist - $18.85 hr

  • Location: NE Glisan - Currently Remote
  • Position Reports To: Credentialing & Contracts Supervisor
  • Full-Time Equivalent: 1.0 FTE


Customer Service Specialist

Ride Connection is looking for a collaborative, empathic, investigative-minded, and customer service-oriented person to join our organization as a Customer Service Specialist.

The Customer Service Specialist coordinates action, customer service, and support for all aspects of provider and driver complaints, incidents, including documenting, investigatingand following through to ensure matters are resolved to Ride Connection’s standards.In this position, discretion ad confidentiality must be exercised in protecting and releasinginformation. Because of this, the person in this roll will also be tasked with escalating safety-related, ADA, Title VI, and HIPPA concerns, monitoring trends, and reporting concerningpatterns of provider and driver matters to their supervisor for support.

This is a full-time, non-exempt position with a starting salary of $18.85 per hour. Ride Connection offers an excellent benefits package, including comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance, an Employee Assistance Program, 403(b)-retirement plan with full vestment on day one, Flexible Spending Accounts with a $500 employer contribution, 14 days of paid vacation in your first year with increases every three years, six floating holidays that can be used at any time, a sick leave bank separate from your time off bank, and Trimet annual public transportation passes.

Who You Are

  • Customer service is your passion. You enjoy going the extra mile to ensure that a customerfeels supported, heard, validated, and served.
  • You are focused on the lifelong work of addressing inequities and oppression experiencedby non-white people of color, LGBTQIA2+ people, and people with disabilities.
  • You are an empathic person, and you excel at connecting with others beyond the surfaceand being an active listener. With that said, you understand the importance of personalboundaries, respect the boundaries of others, and model healthy boundaries with thoseyou serve to encourage positive boundary-setting for everyone.
  • You maintain your composure in a crisis or a heated exchange and help others keep theircool as well.
  • You are a regular Sherlock/Enola Holmes when it comes to solving riddles. You can generallyput on your houndstooth hat, pull out your magnifying glass, and figure out howdisconnected bits of information can be put together to form a complete story.
  • You do your work through an equity lens.
  • You are known for your eye for detail. Double-checking and triple-checking are a part ofhow you operate.
  • You can roll with the punches and change gears when needed. Without losing a beat, yousplit your attention between individual work projects, team projects, and customer service.
  • You know that we can all achieve more when we work together. Because of this, you arenot afraid to ask for help, support, or even another set of eyes to look over somethingyou’ve been working on to catch things you may have missed.
  • You are a proactive problem-solver and plan processes and procedures that respond to orprevent future issues that may arise.


What You’ll Do

  • Coordinate all aspects of customer complaints, including analysis, documentinginvestigation steps, and resolution.
  • Escalate all safety-related complaints, ADA, Title VI, or HIPAA, to the proper channels forinvestigation and resolution.
  • Prepare reports and maintain and collect statistical and customer-driven data to helpmultiple teams predict trends that could improve the safety and security oftransportation services.
  • Work collaboratively with the team members to coordinate problem-solving activities toidentify practical corrective actions and process improvements.
  • Interact with providers, multiple Ride Connection teams, and direct service personnel toidentify opportunities to improve service quality.
  • Work collaboratively with the multiple teams and team members to establish andmaintain a customer feedback system.



  • Two or more years’ experience in customer service, handling customer complaints, grievances, and complex or difficult customer interactions.
  • Experience and comfort with using computers and learning new programs and systems.
  • The ability to pass a National Criminal Record Check, which includes fingerprint identification.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with utilizing de-escalation tools and techniques.
  • Experience with and some proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Bilingual or fluent in multiple languages.
  • Experience working with older adults and people with disabilities.
  • Experience working for a Non-Profit organization.


Application Instructions
To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to You can submit these documents in any format, but pdf works best. Please share what skills and experiences you would bring to this role in your cover letter.

Applications will be considered as submitted, so you are encouraged to apply early. Applications will continue to be accepted until the position is filled.

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